Net Weekend in Wicomico County

September 27-29, 1996

Volunteers from Wicomico County began working at West Salisbury School at 8 o'clock Saturday morning to bring their 364 students into the Information Age.

Principal Lil Giddens writes:

We are pleased and most appreciative of the people who are taking time out of their busy schedule to help wire our school so that our students can gain access to the Internet; more important just being able to have access to use the technology that is available today.

We live in an era where students, at every age, need to be able to learn about and use the technology that is available today.

Students need to become familiar with and be able to utilize the educational material that is available through technology.

The wiring has relieved us of the worry of being able to use safely, any equipment that we secure in our building.

Images from Net Weekend at West Salisbury School

In addition to those in the pictures West Salisbury is grateful to the following who joined the effort on Net Weekend: Edward "Sonnye" Henry, Ralph Davis, Eve Motichka, Harry Lloyd, Charlie Bounds and Chelly Taylor.

From West Salisbury School the volunteers proceeded to Fruitland Primary School to give that school Internet access. Look at this collection of expertise! L to R they are Donna Matteson, Ron Peterman, Chelly Taylor (and baby Amanda), Phil Taylor, Eve Matichka, Harry Lloyd, Scott Keasey and Tom Mascara. Not pictured but also working that day were Norman Conway, Bob Greer, Carolyn Johnston and Brendan Shortt. After the completion of the job at Fruitland Primary all Wicomico County schools were online. Thanks for a great job!

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