A Virtual Visit to NECC '95

A Virtual Visit to NECC '95

A Scrapbook of KIDLEADRs

It's a gorgeous Sunday evening at Baltimore's Inner Harbor and look who came to get a bite to eat at Harbor Place after a day of NECC '95 sessions at the Baltimore Convention Center. Why it's Laurie Williams, Patti Weeg, Barb Manchee, Jamie Wilkerson, and Jim Ford! Laurie is part of the KIDLINK IRC team, Jamie takes us on shuttle launches and moderates the SS Central America Project. Jim and I have been net friends for several years and finally met face to face at NECC 95. We signed him up for KIDLINK on the spot so look for his name in KIDLEADR.

The building behind us is the beautiful National Aquarium which is one of the largest in the United States. To the left of Laurie is the Lady Baltimore which NECC participants could board for a cruise which included dinner and music.

Let's look among the crowds and see who else attended NECC '95 from the KIDLINK family....

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