Kidlink Friends at NECC 2001

Chicago, Illinois June 25-27, 2001

Many thanks to Bonnie Thurber and Bob Davis who were our hosts during the conference!
More photos are coming soon...

Kenzie and Rean

Lára and Odd

Jamie and Dan

Rean and Kenzie

Lára, Patti, Barb Manchee,
Barb Schulz

Laurie, Patti, Rean, Kenzie

Odd and Mano



Ernie and Carla



Odd, Dan, Kenzie and Rean

Dan, Patti, Barb M., Carla, Rean, Lára, Kenzie and Barb S.

Odd, Laurie, Barb M., Carla, Jamie, Patti, Kenzie, Rean

Ken, Barb S., Dan, Lára, Kenzie, Rean

Laurie, Kenzie, Rean, Barb M., Johan

Barb M. and John

Johan (Rean's brother)

Dan's pictures: [Thanks, Dan!]

Carla (web poster session}

Patti (Web poster session)

Kathleen, Laurie, Ken, Patti, Sally, Jamie, Barb S., Rebecca

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Patricia A. Weeg
author: Kids@work: Math in the Cyberzone