Do We Really Need Pennies?

I saw an article in the Weekly Reader about pennies. Did you know that it takes more money to make a penny than it's worth. In 1994 the government lost nearly 9 MILLION dollars making pennies! Also pennies usually just go somewhere FOREVER! Peolple put pennies in piggy banks, sock drawyers, jars, and wishing fountains and sometimes never get them out, because people just don't use them. I think that they should stop making pennies, because they cost too much money to make make and people don't use them. Well I better go, BYE!!!


Pennies Being Eliminated

I think that pennies should be eliminated because they are wasting money that could be used for feeding the hungry, or building homes for the homeless. If they did eliminate the penny they should make another coin with Abraham Lincoln on it. He was a good president that's why. But in other ways I think we should keep the pennies because there would be no way to on earth to give back change!!!! The penny really adds up to a lot of change.

By Gene

Dear kids,

I don't agree! The lawmakers in America are trying to stop making pennies! It is one of America's cents even though it only is one cent, but you can get the exact amount. You don't even have to get change back. Do you have cents? I am in the money project also!

Your friend,

Dear kids,

I think that we should not ban pennies. When you go shopping and look on a price tag of a shirt from the Limited it normally says $25.61 now how are you going to pay for that without pennies? We have so many pennies now what would we do with them if we discontinue them? I really do think that we should not ban pennies. Did any of your country's coins stop getting made? What happened after that? Write back!


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