Melissa's New Year's Card


Hello! I am writing to tell you about my new year. On News Year's Eve I like to go to my friends and party. At the party we like to play lots of games. I like to play the games on the New Year. It reminds me of what we did last year.

Lots of people like to celebrate the new year by turning on the t.v. on the local channels and watching the ball drop in the last 10 seconds of the year. I like to watch the ball light up and say 1997 this year at the bottom. The ball drops when everyone says the last number one. The ball goes down every time we say a number. When the ball drops the people all cheer for the New Year of 1997. The ball is always dropped in Times Square in New York City. I like the New Year. If you were in the United States I hope you would enjoy New Year like everyone here does.

Your Friend,

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