Masami Writes to Delmar

to Dear Jennifer,

Hello I am very fine. I am also 11 years old. I have two little turtles.Their names are KAI and MAY. I have a younger brother whoes name is Naoki.My favouritefood is Egg dishes.

How do you celebrate NEW YEAR. We will be sending to you a New Years greeting next time. Please reply that greeting for your own style.

from your Japanese friend,

to Dear John,

I am 11 years old now, I like music in our school. But today it is a little bit tired now. I'm sorry for short today for your reply. Nex time I'll write more about our school.

from your Japanese friend,

to Dear Krista,

hello, thanks for your letter. I'd like to answer your question.
1. I like Japan. It is very happy to live here in Japan.
2. I like basket ball though I am not good at it. I hate PE. but sometimes likes to play basketball.
3.My hobey is drawing picture. Watching prety things.
how about you? Please write back soon.

your Japanese friend,

to Dear Aysha,

thanks for your letter. Please forgive me to be so late to reply. My favourite subject is music. How about you, Asyha? Are you happy in your school? I am happy in our school. Do you have any pet in your class or school? Please tell us about that next time. I'd like to ask something to you next time. Please reply.

Next time we will send you our NEW YEAR's GREETING. It is a little bit early to do , but it is asking to do from some news paper. It will be writing our commllunication on the NEW YEAR'S PAPER with color pictures. Don't you think it would be Wonderful for us?

from your Japanese friend,

to Dear Ashley,

Hello thanks for your letter. but I'm very sorry too late to reply. My name is Masami Konagaya. I am a girl and black hair and black eyes. My hobey is drawing pictures and watching prety things. I have a younger brother who's name is Naoki. He is very noty. Our skin is almost same in our school. but two or three students are black. It is mere thing for japanese schools.

I like Narnia stories written by Tolkin. (Oh, how do I spell?) Have you alredy read those books?

from your Japanese friend,

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