Leslie Writes

about toys and games

How many of you ever made your own toys? Tell us about them.

I used to make little houses for my barbies out of cardboard. It was fun even making them. Now my grandmother is teaching me how to sew so I made a couple of little barbie dresses for my little cousin. I didn't make a lot of them because I had to do it by hand. Just imagine how the people felt to have to make a whole dress!

What games do you play that don't cost money?

I play a lot of hide and seek in the dark. My friend Chrissy and I play that a lot. Sometimes in the summer I'll play tag a couple of times. We also play this game called shark (I don't know if that's the right name for it but that's what they called it:)) where you stay still in the dark somewhere and the person has to find you. (Its' a lot more fun in pitch black:))

Do you ever think that kids had to be more creative in colonial times?

I do. If they weren't then what would they do? The girls probably made little dolls out of things and the boys made up some kinds of games.

Would you like to have lived in colonial Maryland?

Partly yes and partly no. Yes, because it was a lot safer. No, because you did not have a lot of things like you do now.


Patricia A. Weeg
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