Pictures For Kanako

October 14, 1996
Dear Kanako,

I got your letter. My mom is Donna Schultz. She does not have a job. My little sister also goes to kindergarten. She goes afternoon kindergarten. My dad's name is David Schultz. He works at Pote Electric. He is also very busy. My sister is Amber. What is your brother's name?

Your friend,
Heather's picture

Dear Kanako,

I read your letter. I like your picture. It is a good drawing. You write neat. I am in the third grade. I have two sisters and I have one brother. I like school. I am nine. My brother is seven. My one sister is nine too. My other sister is five. I am going skating tonight. Do you have any frends? I have a friend named Eddie.

My mom works all the time. My mom works at the Cock and Bull. My mom is nice.


Dear Kanako,

Thanks for the picture. My mom and dad work. She says she is tired. She cleans up. My brother is in 10th grade. My Mom works at Days Inn.

Your friend,
Rickie's picture

Dear Kanako,

Thanks for the letter and picture. My Mom and Dad work. My brother is in Kindergarten. My Mom works hard. She works at the nursing home. She helps people get well. I have a nice friend name Rickie Alexander.

Your friend,
Orlando's picture

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