Furnace Town Ghost Story

Many persons have seen the Ghost and his cat!

Among the old trees of the Pocomoke Forest stands an old tall structure made of brick. This is the remains of one of the oldest iron furnaces in the country. The furnace was made to process bog ore gathered from huge beds in the swampy soil of Nassawango Swamp. A town of about 25 homes grew up around the furnace to house the 100 workers. The furnace couldn't compete with the richer iron from iron mines and 20 years later it closed. Today it is a tourist attraction. An old Free Negro named Sampson Hat worked at the furnace and stayed behind in and old log cabin long after everyone else left the area. He loved his large black cat named Tom. He was stronger than any man and never wore shoes even in winter. He could run faster and jumped higher than anyone else. Shortly after he became l00 years old he became ill and was taken to live in an alms house. His last wish was to be back home with his cat. He died and was buried near the poor house. Since this time many persons on moonlight walks have reported seeing his ghost sitting on the porch of an old house at furnace town with a black cat. Sampson Hat got his wish.

Jerry DeRidder


Patricia A. Weeg
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