If I Came to Your City?

Delmar students asked their keypals from the United Kingdom where they would take us if we came to their city. Our friend, Liz Exton, would take us to see many interesting places!

Hello Ashley,

If you came to my city I'd take you to see the dock where the ship the Matthew sailed from. It's a replica of a 400 year old boat that John Cabot sailed in when he discovered Newfoundland


He sailed from my city, which is called Bristol.

Then we'd go and see the Clifton Suspension Bridge:


It was the first suspension bridge in the world and the view from there is beautiful.

Then we'd probably go and have a pizza:


If you click on the links you can have a sneak preview of the places we would go. If I came to Delmar where would you take me?

I almost forgot .... Wallace and Gromit come from my city too!


They won three Oscars, so I'm sure you've heard of them!

your friend,


Is there a good mall in Delmar? What shops are there? Where would we go to eat?

If you came here I'd take you to see the Avon Valley Railway. They have steam trains and you can go on a train and meet Santa Claus:


Then I'd take you to the Cheddar gorge. This is the place where Cheddar cheese comes from. The gorge is like the grand canyon only much smaller. Last year they found the skeleton of a cave man in a cave in the gorge. It was 9 thousand years old. One of the caves is called Wookey Hole, and it's very exciting:


Write soon and tell me more about Delmar,

Hi Lauren,

Some of the places I'd take you in England are:

Stonehenge. It's an ancient stone circle and it's so old nobody really knows what it's for any more. People think it was probably a temple It's about 5 thousand years old! You can read about it here:


and see a great picture of it here:


Then I'd take you to Blackpool Pleasure beach. This is Britain's biggest amusement park. About 7.4 million people go there every year.


There are plenty of other things to do in Blackpool, too.

Then we'd go to Nottingham to look for Robin Hood:


Then I'd take you to my favourite place. It's somewhere near the town of Southwold.


At a secret location near this town is a place I go camping and crabbing (ask Mrs Weeg about the crabbing). I don't tell anyone where it is because it's a special place. If you were very good maybe I'd take you there;)

I'd better go now,

bye bye,

Hi Brittany,

If you came to my town I'd take you for a ride in a hot air balloon: http://www.cameronballoons.co.uk/products/special.htm

I live on the top of a hill and on summer evenings the balloons come floating up the valley right past my house. They look so elegant as they go by. All you can hear is the occasional whoosh of the hot air going into the balloon. The town I was born in also has a balloon factory and that one makes the balloons for the man who is trying to fly round the world in one.

After the balloon ride we could go to the mall and look at the Body Shop. This shop sells soaps and cosmetics and stuff. The people who own it don't believe in testing their products on animals and they do believe in trading fairly with people in developing countries. Also, their products smell delicious:


Maybe you know this shop already (there's one in Salisbury), but did you know it was a British company?

What is Six Flags? Is it a tourist attraction? Is it a restaurant?

Write back soon,

Brittany wrote back...

Dear Liz,

It is me Brittany again. Remember I ask where you would take me if I came to where you live? I said I would take you to "Six Flags." Well "Six Flags" is a theme park. I would also take you to the "Washington Zoo" at:


Well I will talk to you later. Your Friend,

Dear Brittany,

I'm delighted that someone finally sent an URL to me;) The zoo looks great. I'm doing the audio tour right now.

What's the weather been like in Delmar today? It's pretty cold and grey here. I have to go and cook dinner now,

your friend,

Dear Katrice,

I've just about run out of places near here to take you to, but David says that everyone who comes to England should see London, so here are some things to do in London.

First we could go to the Tower of London and see the Crown Jewels. These are all the crowns and things that belong to the Queen:


Then we could go to Harrods, which is the best shop in the world. You can buy anything you want in this store - if you've got the money;) I think we'll just look;)


Harrods is owned by Mohamed Al Fayed, whose son Dodi died in the car crash with Princess Diana.

What could we do if I came to Delmar?

your friemd,

Hi Holly,

If you came to visit I'd take you to a city near here called Bath. It was a spa in the days of the Romans. They called it Aqua Sulis. A spa is a place where the water is supposed to have special qualities and you go there to drink it or swim in it when you get sick. The springs at Bath are the only hot springs in Britain.


Bath was also very fashionable in the 17th and 18th centuries, when all the rich people came down from London for their holidays. There are a lot of nice buildings there and a lot of interesting shops.

A few of the pictures here:


show some of the Roman things at Bath.

After we'd seen all this history we could go and have a bite to eat. In this part of the world they have "Cream Teas" - you get a cup of English tea and some scones with fresh cream and strawberry jam on. It's not very healthy, but it's really delicious.

bye bye,

Dear Matthew,

My favourite hobby is doing my family tree. It's really interesting finding out who your people were and the things they did. I found out that my grandad's brother was killed in the First World War. If you click on this link you can see a picture of him:


Is indoor soccer the same as outdoor soccer? A lot of people over here like soccer. Here is a link to one of my favourite clubs. It's called Tottenham Hotspur (or Spurs for short). I used to live about 3 miles from their stadium, and when they were playing I could hear the noise of their fans cheering.


Here's a useful link to Soccernet:


You can get all the news about the big clubs. Spurs have got a new manager. He's from Switzerland and there's a lot of discussion about whether he's going to be any good. I'd better go now.

your pal,

Dear Scarlett,

I think I like Planet Maze the best. I bet they don't let grownups in though. Never mind, I can always watch you playing;)

You sound like you like fun things to do, so I thought we could go to Alton Towers:


This is a very famous theme park.

Then we could go to Wookey Hole. This is a big cave near my house. You're not scared of the dark, are you?!


There are lots of things to do at the cave. Well, I'd better go now, it's almost time for lunch.

bye bye,

Hi Christian,

If I could take you anywhere in the world I'd take you to Rome. I've been there once and it's absolutely brilliant. There are lots of Roman ruins, and also lots of cafes and shops. There are young people everywhere and they are all glamourous. The weather is usually nice - even in winter, and the food is just wonderful. Here's a description of Rome by someone who lives there:


Here's a guided tour about how the Romans used to live:


Of course, we'd just have to finish the day by having a real Italian pizza;) This sounds like a nice place to go and eat:


If we went to Rome we'd need to use our math to figure out the prices. Italian money is called Lira. About 1,000 lira = 1 dollar. Sometimes the prices just look crazy because something costing 10 dollars has a label saying it costs 10,000 lira!

I travel quite a lot, so I use math quite a lot to figure out how much things cost.

Here's a link to some more stuff about Rome.


write soon,
your new friend,

Hi Malerie,

If I could go anywhere in the world I'd go somewhere really hot and sunny. On the other hand I might go here:


Only kidding (tee hee). Seriously though, how about the Seychelles?



your friend,

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