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Hello! Bonjour! Pronto! Hola! knee how! zhy gin! shalom! Zdravstvui! tere tulemast! hei! sabah al-khayr! Komdu sul! Merhaba! Hallo! Muli bwanji! Salam! Serwus! Konnichiwa! Yasu! G'day! Kamon acho! Sut mae?

Our warmest greetings to everyone!

****** Kenya ****** 5-04-01 Patricia, Kiswahili is the national language spoken in Kenya and much of the East Coast of Africa and some parts of Central Africa too. The folowing words are formal ways of saying things to one another. Enjoy! Habari gani? Translates to "how are you" Kwaheri translates to "goodbye" Safari njema translates to "bon voyage" I can be reached at Thank you. Fauzia Mohamed *********** From Israel *********** From: Boker Hi Patti, In Hebrew, Shalom means 3 things: 1) Hello 2) Goodbye 3) Peace David Lloyd *********** From Russia *********** From: malykh Just for example: Hello - Zdravstvui, privet good-bye - do svidaniya, poka Sergei Malykh ************ From Estonia *********** From: Kadri Klementi Dear Patricia, Greeting such as 'hello' Tere, Tere tulemast (Greeting such as 'welcome') Greeting such as 'good-bye' Head-aega Yours Sincerely, Kadri ************* From Finland ************* From: Leena Pietik{inen Patti, Here you get FINNISH words. Note the letter '{' is 'a' with two dots above it and that is pronounced as 'a' in the word 'hat'. greeting such as 'hello'_______ 'hei' 'terve' (the first is more usual for young people) parting words.... such as 'good-bye' ____________ 'n{kemiin' Nowadays it is usual to say gladly 'hei!' when we meet somebody or leave her. In both situations. HAUSKAA LOMAA, HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you and your kids! Leena ************ From Taiwan ************ From: Dwight Johnson greeting such as 'hello' knee how parting words.... such as 'good-bye' zhy gin ********** From Egypt ********** From: Hello Mrs Patti Goodbye is Ma'Salama Good morning is sabah al-khayr Good afternoon is masa al-khayr or we say as-salamu 'alaykum Peace be upon you at any time. Mariam ************ From Iceland ************ From: Lara Stefansdottir greeting such as 'hello' We might just say: halló but we should say to many people: Komiğ şiğ sæl a woman : Komdu sæl a man : Komdu sæll parting words.... such as 'good-bye' Bless or Vertu blessuğ (to a woman) Vertu blessağur (to a man) Veriğ şiğ blessuğ (to many) Kaer kvedja Lara *********** From Turkey *********** From: Banu Oney Kusefoglu Merhaba Patti ! That is hello in Turkish. We say "Hoscakal" for good-bye. Hoscakal, Deniz Kusefoglu ----------------------------------------------- From: Fethiye Akbulut HI, Patti, I saw your home page, I wanted to add some Turkish words to that listing: Sevgi = Love Baris = peace And we say: gunaydin for good morning Iyi aksamlar for good evening iyi geceler for good night Hoscakal, Fethiye Akbulut ******************** From The Netherlands ******************** From: Stephan de Haas Patti, greeting such as 'hello' Hallo Patti! parting words.... such as 'good-bye' Tot ziens Groeten, Steef. ************ From Germany ************ From: Wolfgang Reinfeldt German greeting and parting words: greeting such as 'hello' Hallo parting words.... such as 'good-bye' Tschüß Wolfgang ************ From Zambia ********** From: Neil Robinson Dear Patricia, I'm English, but in Nyanja (which is spoken in Lusaka but one of 73 languages spoken in Zambia) the greetings would be: greeting such as 'hello' Muli bwanji (how are you?) Ndili bwino (I am well) parting words.... such as 'good-bye' Tizaonana (we will meet) Endani bwino (go well) Best Wishes, Neil ********** From Iran ********** From: ALI PARSA greeting such as hello' Salam parting words.... such as 'good-bye' Khoda-HAfez ************ From Uruguay ************ From: Tornaria Eduardo Hi Patti! greeting such as 'hello' hola parting words.... such as 'good-bye' chau Cheers, Eduardo Tornaria ************ From Poland ************ From: Marek Car Dear Mrs Weeg, 'hello in Polish: 'serwus' 'good-bye' in Polish: 'do zobaczenia' Joanna ************** From Nicaragua ************** From: To answer your request, here's the following (I am writing from the American-Nicaraguan school located in Managua): Hello: Hola good-bye: adios or hasta luego (see you later) or hasta pronto (see you soon). I hope this helps, Oscar f. ********** From Japan ********** From: Sueko Tani Hi Patti, I'll tell you about Japanese greeting." "Hello" is "konnichiwa", "good-bye" is "sayonara", "good morning" is "ohayo", "good evening" is "konbanwa" and "good afternoon" is "konnichiwa". We do not say "konnichiwa" in the evening. These days young people usually say "bye-bye" instead of "sayonara" when they part. The words are changing. Your friend, Sueko -- ************ From Greece ************ From Kids at Merchant-Valaris School of English, Athens, Greece e-mail Dear Patricia, Here are some greetings in Greek. You can put them in your computer program. HELLO=yasu hello=geia goodbye=adio good morning=kalimera good evening=kalispera good afternoon=kalo apogevma good night=kalinihta how are you=pos eisai whats your name=pos se lene? Of course the Greek alphabet is not the same as yours and if we had used Greek letters you would not have been able to read them on your screen. So we had to use Latin letters. So the Greek words do not look the way you see them but they sound like that. All the best, stahis CHRISTOPHER STEFANI MAYROEIDI. PANOS KOLETTAS. Dimitra Tsiami 11 years old Fotis Karkatsoulis 16 years old. MARIANTHI BOLOVINA 12 years old EMMANOUELA KOMIANOU 12 years old PS. Happy Summer Holidays from Demetre Valaris ************** From Australia ************** Nathan Willis Hi Patti, I thought I would tell you that in Australia a common greeting is "G'day" you might want to add that to your home page. Nathan *************** From Bangladesh *************** From: SIKDER ABDUL M sikd6213@cslabs2c4 Subject: Greetings from Bangladesh Hi Patti In Bengali Language: How are you = Kamon Acho Good-bye = Shuva-bidhai Thank you = Dhanabad Best Wishes Abdul Sikder ------------ [Abdul, Thank you for your greetings! You must have read my pages here and responded. I have tried to (r)eply to your message but the mail bounces. Sorry... cannot reach you. Patti] *********** From Wales *********** From: Darren Rees Dear Patti Hi there! I've just spent what seems like ages surfin' your "global classroom" project... and I am genuinely impressed, amazed. For your pupils... a greeting in Welsh... "sut mae?" We often say in Wales in Welsh "Sut mae?" or "Siwmae?" and it translates as "how are you?" It's used as a greeting. And the person need not respond by saying how they are. They can simply say, "sut mae" back. "pob lwc gyda'r prosiect!" / best of luck with the project! Darren Rees Aberdare, South Wales ebost / email *********** From Latvia *********** Hi, Patty Here some greetings in Latvian. Hello-Sveiki. Good Morning-Lab'rit('i' as 'ee'). Good afternoon-Lab'dien. Good evening-Lab'vakar. Good buy-A'ta(last 'a' as 'aa') or Sveiki. Roberts TA6S379@LVRTU11.CS.RTU.LV ******************************** From Malaysia (by way of the UK) ******************************** I thought the idea of having a multicultural greetings page is excellent. You may be interested in adding a few typical greetings from my home country, Malaysia, to your list! "a" is pronounced as in "car"; "g" as in "good"; "e" as in "term" Selamat Pagi - Good Morning Selamat Petang - Good Evening Selamat Malam - Good Night Selamat Tinggal - Good-bye Terima Kasih - Thank you Selamat tinggal, *********** From Norway *********** From: Leif Haugen Hello Patricia Here are some Norwegian greetings: "Hello" is "hallo" "Goodbye" is "farvel" "Good morning" is "god morgen" "Good day" is "god dag" "Good evening" is "god kveld" Other greeting words are "hei" when meeting and "ha det bra," "ha det godt" and just "ha det." Mail: Sincerly Leif *********** New Zealand *********** From: Peter & Kay Wilson kia ora - Maori greeting (key-a aura / kee-a or-rah) *************** Austrian-German *************** From: Katharina Karner greeting words such as hello = hallo, grüß dich parting words such as good bye = auf wiedersehen, tschüß, servus, Baba Greetings from Austria Yours Katharina *******************

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