Wicomico County Teacher of the Year

Grace Lamboni

On March 25, 1997 Wicomico County announced the "Teacher of the Year" award. All of us at Delmar are proud of our Grace Lamboni. She's tops! The children say it best...

Mrs.Lamboni is the best gym teacher I've ever had. She has taught me most of of the things I know about gym. She is the best teacher in the world. She is lucky she was elected teacher of the year. I liked having her as my gym teacher in kindergarten-3rd grade.

Grade 5

Dear Mrs. Lamboni,

Congratulations on getting Wicomico County Teacher of the Year. When I had you for gym you made it lots of fun. My favorite part was when we got to use the uneven parallel bars. Good Luck on winning the Maryland Teacher of the Year.

Your friend,
Joe (3rd grade)

I am happy you got an award for being a good teacher. My favorite thing in gym is playing rescue boat. Good luck in getting Maryland's Teacher of the Year.

Your friend,
Grade 1 (Mrs. Parks)

Mrs.Lamboni is one of the best gym teachers in the world. I am glad that she got the Teacher of the Year place. She deserved that 1st place. I am proud of her. It makes me feel good to know that she got 1st. I really liked having gym with her.

Westley mith
Grade 5

Mrs. Lamboni is my gym teacher and she's the best.

Grade 1

Mrs. Lamboni is my gym teacher. It is fun in gym class.

Grade 1

You are nice to me. You are fun to me. I like gym. I am happy you got your award,

Grade 1

You are nice to me. I think you are the best teacher. I like you because you are a nice teacher.

Grade 1

I love mrs. Lamboni because she is a nice gym teacher.

Grade 1

I love you. Mrs. Lamboni is fun to me. Mrs. Lamboni is cool to me. I like gym. Happy Easter.

Grade 1

Mrs. Lamboni is nice. I'm glad Mrs. Lamboni won! Mrs. Lamboni is Awesome. Mrs. Lamboni makes all little kids happy.

Grade 5

Ms. Lamboni is a good teacher. We can prove it because she was elected best Wicomico Teacher of the Year. She is a Gym teacher who teaches grades K-2.

Grade 5

Mrs. Lamboni:

She is kind but strict. She is very athletic. She likes all sports from Baseball to zoomball. She likes all kids and is never impatient or impolite. She is as special as everyone else maybe better. She's great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grade 5

Mrs. Grace Lamboni is one of the three gym teachers here at Delmar Elementary School. She has been teaching for about 12 years. She has even started a program to help the first graders at recess. It is called Super-Six. At our recess time, which is also the first graders recess time, we go outside and play with them and help them with anything they need help with. If it is indoor recess, two people are assigned to go to each classroom and play with the kids and help them. I think that Mrs. Lamboni has started a great program.

Grade 6

More letters for Mrs. Lamboni from Grade 2 students and from Mrs. Mumford's, Mrs. Smith's and Ms. Moore's students.
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