Reflections From Amy

Reflections From Amy

Written by: Amy Crouse

When John Ost visited Delmar last month he met Amy Crouse, one of our first
grade teachers.  Amy loves KIDLINK and often comes to watch the activity in my
lab.  On June 2nd she was able to join us for the IRC with Zlata.  A
journalist came to see us also and I am very grateful to Amy for helping my
girls during the chat.

From Amy:
(typed by one of our 6th graders, Michelle Cahall)

     I was part of something big! I first heard about Zlata Filipovic on
 National Public Radio. Then I met John Ost. Next I read Zlata's diary.
 Finally I was on kidlink sending and receiving messages from Zlata! Now I
 listen to the news from Sarajevo and I feel connected to those distant
 events. As political strategies are developed and employed I think about the
 children and their families. I know, as many families do, that no one needs
 troops, bombs, or air raids. The people need food, safe homes and to be with
 their family and friends. Above all people need peace.  The best part of the
 kidlink chat with Zlata was knowing that 100's of children and adults were
 also concerned about Zlata and the war in her country. Like me, those
 involved with the IRC are beginning to learn more about our world. This gives
 me hope that the children involved will become caring adults in the future.
 The only way to stop war is to have mutual respect and understanding with
 your neighbors and people in foreign lands. The kidlink chat in one method of
reaching understanding between people of different cultures and ideas. Now
children and grown-ups all over the world can express their personal
thoughts, feelings, and hopes. What are my hopes? I hope that the students
will continue to read and write about real people in real life struggle. My
prayer is for peace.

                                          Amy Crouse
                                          Teacher Grade 1
                                          Delmar Elementary School
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