Reflections After the IRC

Reflections After the IRC

Written by Delmar Students

                ZLATA ON LINE

    Hi my name is Kelly  and I'm 11 years old. I am
reading a book called "Zlata's Diary" and I have recently
talked to this girl named Zlata. "Zlata's Diary" is about a
girl named Zlata who was in Sarajevo in the middle of a war.
When I told you I talked to her it was on line (computer).
When we talked to her it was amazing. Now the war is getting
even worse.  Her basement where they had to go during the war
was not safe enough so they had to go to their neighbor's house
and stay. When she wrote her diary she sometimes only had a
candle to see. She worked hard and long to write her diary.
The way I feel about Zlata and Sarajevo is that people over
there are desperate for food, water, homes, and health.  Now the
war is even worse. People are dropping dead every second. You
can help them by sending money and food and even clothes or
something. You as a person should help our world. We can make
a big difference in Sarajevo by sending things. When you hear
about all the the bad things over there you will want to help
too. Zlata's dad had to wait a very long time in a line
waiting for a package of food and soap, toothpaste and more.
Lots of people did not get a package of all kinds of goodies.
All of peoples' love ones have died and even little babies. A
couple of Zlata's friends and family died in the war. Zlata
hardly even got to see her grandparents because of the war.
The war would stop for a while and then start right backup.
We are asking you people out there to help everyone in
Sarajevo.  You can make any kind of donation. We really are
looking to help these suffering people. Zlata is doing
ok but she worries because we need to help each and every
person.  Zlata is 14 now and she is doing ok. She has a
mother and a father.  Zlata calls her diary Mimmy.  So she
wanted to make up a name for her diary. Her father's name is
Malik and her mother's name is Alica. Zlata's last name is
Filipovic. When the war was going on Zlata and her father
(Malik) had to carry water
to her house since there was no water in her house. Zlata
has had a weird and scary life I should say. Zlata has short
brown hair.


    My name is Chrissy.  I go to Delmar Elementary. I am
11 years old and in the Sixth grade. A few days ago we talked
to a young writer from Sarajevo.  She was in the war!! We
asked her many questions about her life and other things.
She had a wonderful way of getting my attention. I feel very
sorry for her and her family. I used to never pay much
attention to wars but now I know that wars have effects on
everybody! I do not like wars and I wish people could just
work out their problems in an appropriate manner or maybe
even verbally! She is a real hero!!


          My Experience With A War Girl

          I am an 11 year old girl and I read a book called
"Zlata's Diary" . My experiences with this girl ( Zlata )
and her book were that I was glad to be able to live in a
world where fighting shouldn't be the answer . When I finally
talked to this girl it was great to be able to talk to her so
she could let her feelings out on something other than a
piece of paper . She told us about how her pets died ( a
parrot and a kitten her family members found out on the
streets of Sarajevo ) and how all of her friends moved away
and one even died . Our countries should not fight because
what Zlata went through was horrible and no kid should go
through something like that . She went through war-time
birthdays and her life completely changed during this time .
You must feel sorrow for the people of Sarajevo and for the
people who go through things like this . Right now Zlata is
in Paris and is being interviewed by many people of the world.
Would you like going through birthdays being sick or even
if you weren't would you like living through a war so cruel
as the one in Sarajevo ? I sure wouldn't so that is why I am trying
very hard to help Zlata get over this . If you cared so much
about helping Zlata and the other people of Sarejevo you
ould be helping.  This letter means a lot to the people of Kidlink
and especially me . I cried at some
parts of the book because it was very heart touching . This
letter means freedom for Sarajevo, help if not freedom,
water, food, things, and many other nice things . More
could be done with your help . On June 2 , 1995 I talked to
Zlata on-line . ( She was on-line for four hours ) . She was
very nice sounding and we ( the Kidlink members ) all got to
talk to her.


         Talking on line with Zlata

 My name is Christina. I'm 11 years old at Delmar Elementry School. On
June 2,1995 I talked to Zlata from Sarajevo who is now in Paris. She has been
through very bad times during this war. She lost her friend Nina who has died.
She can't even stay at her home, she has to stay in her neighbor's basement
because hers wasn't safe enough. When I think of what it would or is like to
be in her shoes I get real scared of what it would be like for it to happen
here where I live.  And as I think and think of it I think in my mind" I'm
glad I live in a area where there are no wars." There is violence where I live
but it seems like nothing compared to the war in Serejevo. I'm grateful for
living in this better place. When I had never heard of Zlata I was sorta
ungreatful and thought there could be a better place than this. But I guess I
was wrong.  Zlata loved talking on line and she wished we could do it again.
So many people want to write to Zlata but there aren't enough computers and we
don't have an address to write. I personally would like to write to her in
Paris, and so would other people.  When I read her book every night I almost
feel like I'm in her shoes and I'll get scared of what I don't know and I'll
hide under my covers and shake like I saw my family member get killed or like
I just saw a ghosts. It seems so real in my mind because there is a clear
picture. Please make any donations  for the people in Serejevo maybe even
food, Just please help us out.

                               6th Grade
                               Delmar Elementary School

My name is Leslie.  I am 11 years old in 6th grade.  I thought that it
was really neat to talk to Zlata on Kidlink IRC.  I think that all the other
people should have the same privilage as me when I went on there.   We asked
her a lot of questions  and then she would answer them.  I think that she was
very pleased that she got to use someone else's computer  and go on there.
Now she probably wants a computer of her own!!

6th grade
Delmar Elementary School

                 More About Zlata

    Hi , it's me Anna again and I was requested
to write more about Zlata Filipovi`c and my feelings for how
she grew and felt during the Sarajevo War . I thought it was
special to talk on-line with Zlata because she was able to
talk to us in a nice way , like how she didn't get upset when
we asked her about how she felt when her bird and friend
died . She acted as if it were just another war . We thought
it was okay to talk like that so we let her , and it still is
okay to talk like that . She was able to let her feelings out
on something other than a sheet of paper . It was a good
feeling knowing that she could deal with what was happening
to Sarajevo . All the things she wrote back to us was very
nice and she loved talking to us ( Since there were many
people trying to get on-line so we did not get many replys ).
I learned that the war can change your life and life styles
alot and that it can also ruin many peoples lives by killing
you and your family members . War is a sad time and it is not
a very fun time . When I read her book , I could not believe
how she was able to keep writing like she did . It was so
very unbeilevable that she could live up to the fact that
this war was ruining her life and that she her life would
never be the same again . Most people think , oh thats just
another person trying to get attention for what shes been
through , well the people here in Kidlink think that it is a
poor innocent person living through the war of a life time .
It is sad that people think of war as just somrthing to do
with congress or the government , well it isn't ! It is a war
in which people get killed for nothing . These people die of
hunger , no water , no electricity , and no heat and many
other things . Well I could write lot's more but right now I
am out of things to say . So bye .

                             By Anna
                                June 7 , 1995
                                Delmar Elementary

                Hi, it's Kelly again and I have more
feelings about Zlata. When I talked to her on the IRC it was
like talking to a famous person. I have learn aboutr diffrent
things like her hobbies and more about the war. Zlata was
clever enough to write all of her feelings in a little diary.
I think its just great. Now every one knows how a person
living in a place where a war is going on.

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