Questions For Zlata

Questions For Zlata

Written by Delmar Elementary School Students

               Questions For Zlata

1. How was it having a war-time birthday?

2. How many of your family members have died from living through the war or
have died from getting hurt while doing something in the war ( from big pieces
of shrubble ) ?

3. Did you hate not having to do school work and not being able to play your
piano ?


Dear Zlata,

1. Was it scary?
2. How do you feel now after the war?
3. Did you just write in your Diary then somebody read it and get it
4  .Did anybody you were close to die in the war?
5. If so is it still hard to live without them?
6. Was it scary when the electricity went out?
7. Did you feel like you would starve to death?
8. Do you get flash backs from the war?
9. Did your parents act overprotective?
10. Do you go to school?
11. Do you like the place where you used to live?
12. If you had a chance to go back after the war ends to visit would you?
13. Why do you think it was boring?
14. How did you get out and go to Paris?
15. Do you ever have nightmares any more?

Questions for Zlata

1. How did you feel in the war?
2. Did any of your family get killed in the war?
3. How do you feel now about the war?
4. How old are you now?
5. Do you still have nightmares about the war?
6. Do you still miss your bestfriend?
7. Did you ever run out of food?
8. How did you get your book published?
9. Are you glad that you left? Why?
10. Did any of your teachers die?
11. Do you still play your piano?
12. Are any of your friends or family in Paris?
13. Do you like it better in Paris?

                     Questions for Zlata

1. Were you scared?
2. Were some of your family members hurt or killed in the war?
3. Do you wish you were not living there at that time?
4. Was your house or school destroyed in the war?
5. Were you staying at your home while the war was going on?
6. Were there a lot of people crying and dying and it is very upsetting?
7. Were you crying and very upset?
8. Were you stuck inside for months?

                                   By: Kelly 

                    Questions for Zlata....
1. What did you do when the war started?
2. Where did you stay during the war?
3. Is it safe there yet?
4. Did any of your family members die?
5. Did you starve or anything?
6. What songs did you play on the piano?
7. Do you know how the war started?
8. What does it feel like to be out of that place?
9. How does it feel to lose your friends?
10. Are you going to go back to Sarajevo or not?
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