Pre-Chat Letters to Zlata

Pre-Chat Letters to Zlata

Written by Delmar Elementary School Students

Dear Writers' Corner friends,

Several Delmar students are reading "Zlata's Diary" and have written letters
to Zlata that we hope she will eventually receive.


Dear Zlata,

     I am reading your diary ( book ) and it is very sad . My name is Anna
and I am a sixth grade student at Delmar Elementary School and I am 11 years
old and I have 1 brother and 1 sister . I would like to know how it felt like
to be in the middle of a war . I wouldn't know because I have never been
through it before  . Do you go to school ? My mother is from Ukrain (I guess
that is how you spell it ) but she was born in Philidelphia of the US.
I have a friend whose mother was born in Cuba and lived there for awile . It
must have been hard living almost about 3 to 4 years through a war . I would
hate to have that happen to me .  Well my time in computer is up but I will
write back very soon .

P.S. Cheer up !
                 Your Friend ,

   Dear Zlata,
       Hi my name is Kelly. i live in Delmar Delware
19940. My best friends are anna, Tara Vickers, Kristen, Sonya
and last but not
least Christina. I am going to read your dairy. My
friend Anna is reading it now and she is falling in love with
it. I probably will too.  What did it feel like to have some
of your friends die in the war?  You probably cried for days
and days. I would have cried if my friends died and I was all
alone with no friends. I am 11 yeras of age. I go to Delmar
Elem. school. Where do you go to school? Who are your friends?
I have been writing to people a pretty long time I think.
When is your birthday? Mine is  June 2, 1983. I have written to
about 50 people this year. Do you write on computers a lot?
I am in the 6th grade.
What grade are you in? Do you have any pets? I have two dogs
named Casy and Bozer. one is an Cockkellter spanial and a
Boxer. Well i have to go  BBBBBBYYYYYYYEEEEEEEE

                          Your friend,

Dear Zlata,

              Hi! My name is Tara. Our teacher Mrs. Weeg read us a passage
from your book. Do you have a best friend I have lots. I am in the 6th grade
and a student at Delmar Elementary.  I have a rabbit a fish and a brother. He
is 17.  I am excited and looking forward to reading your book. My friend Anna
has alrady started reading your book and it sounds as if your life must be
hard.  You are a very good writer! What grade are you in or do you even go to
school?  I am a prety good student. What did it feel like to live through a
war?  You are a really brave person. Anna updates us on what she has read in
your book.  In Kidlink I have typed to a girl in Poland named Joanna I really
enjoy Kidlink. Are you in Kidlink?  Well I hope you can write back to me soon
and I'll try to write back to you as soon as I can as well!

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