What Are Friends?

From Isamu to Patti and Students

I wrote to Isamu...

>Thank you so much. Would you like us to read "The Letter" next? I will >do that with them this week.

and he responded:

Yes, please.
I think it would be more interesting for us to read together. and this time "The letter" it is the theme for us directly in mind. Writing letters and receiving letters are more and more interesting for us. It is why we are friends. As we live another country, but we are friends. What is friends? I would like to let my students think more and more about this theme. And I hope to continue to think for years and years.

For our students it is all that "The letter" is a book by Arnold, but now they know some other publishings by Arnold. It is their discovery. I myself found some other books by Arnold. But I like this series "Frog and Toad" is best. (In December I will send you our Japanese version and some more things.) Some of our students are starting to write their own stories. Maybe those are fun, when they are finished.


Isamu Shimazaki



Rinkan Elementary School


http://www.rinkan- es.yamato.kanagawa.jp/

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