International Lesson Plan

International Lesson Plan

Authors: collaborative

(This is a compilation of communiques and lesson plans formulated between the following educators and students between December '94 and February '95)


Martha Pfeiffer, Social Studies teacher, Delmar, grade 5
Mike Burleigh, The Cedars Primary School, London
Mariam Shenawi, 11 year old student, Ma'adi, Egypt
Patti Weeg, facilitator

Date: Sat, 31 Dec 1994 14:44:23 GMT
Subject: Julia::Mariam

Hello dear Julia
I am 11 years old. I am from Egypt in Cairo so I do
not Know anything about your school ( could you
talk to me about your school, please) What is it
like? What do you do there for fun?  Well I like my
school, too " Talaae Islamic School" We have 8 classes
a day. After the 5th class we have a break. We eat
and play and buy sweets from the small shop in the
school. All that we do in the break . It's fun here.
Do you have a break? I live in Cairo. The building I
live in is near the River Nile.  Oh, I forgot to tell
you I am in the 5th grade.  Well in my school we have
5th and 6th grade in one year.
Please write me back

Via:; Tue, 20 Dec 1994 18:14:31 +0000
Date: Tue, 20 Dec 94 18:14 BST
        E8PAWEEG ,
Subject: A history checklist for Martha

The Egyptians: A checklist for the back of our topic books (draft 0.1)

               **Any more ideas Martha?**

In the History lessons I:
found Egypt on a map
made a timeline
learned about the river Nile, flooding and farming in Egypt.
learned about homes and everyday living in Egypt
Learned about gods and goddesses
played the pyramid robber game
played the trade game

in the maths lessons I:
did some sums with Egyptian numbers
and measured with cubits

in the English language lessons I:
wrote a story about Ancient Egypt
listened to the story 'Curse of the Mummy'
compared how people lived 4,500 years ago in the UK and in Egypt.

in the Art lessons I:
wrote my name in Egytian hieroglyphics
made a canopic jar
made a ushabti
made paper the way the Egyptians did and wrote heiroglyphics on it.
made a clay model of an Egyptian house
made a copy of an Egyptian stone carving.

in the Technology lessons I:
helped to make a model of a pyramid
made a model of an Egyptian trading boat
made a shaduf and learned about irrigation
made a mummy and a mummy case
made an Egyptian wheeled toy
made an Egyptian working model animal toy

in the cookery lessons I:
made Egyptians sweets
made Egyptian bread

in the science lessons I:
remembered what we learned about simple machines last term and made
a model to show how the pyramids were made with levers, rollers and

in the computer lessons I played the game Arc Venture 'The Egyptians'
and visited these places:

I also found these objects:

and met the following people:



Dear Mariam,
Hi. My name is Martha Pfeiffer and I am a teacher at Delmar Elementary. I am
going to be teaching a unit on ancient Egypt in a few weeks. My students love
this unit the best, out of all of the things I teach. I love Egyptian History
myself. Anyway, Mr. Burleigh, a teacher in England, and I teach together over
the computer and we will be working on the Egyptian lessons. Is there anything
you can send us or would like to help out with ? My real dream is for all
three of us to be on line at the same time, so we can have a three way live
lesson. Would you like to do this ? In December, my students dressed up in
English clothing from the 16th century and we pretended to take a time machine
to England and interviewed Henry the king.  Mike Burleigh was on line and
pretended to be Henry. The children loved it and some really believed we had
traveled back in time over the computer. I'd like to do this again. Would you
like to be Isis or Cleopatra ? We will be doing the lesson on mummification an
d Egyptian myth. We will discuss the Ba and Ka, and the afterworld, as well as
the reasons for mummies. I also tell the myth of Isis ans Osiris. What do you
think ? Also, anything you can send from Egypt about this area would be great
!! i will pay you back for anything you would like to share with us. Thank You
and I hope to hear from you soon.
                                            Mrs. Pfeiffer

Hi Mike,
It's Martha Pfeiffer. I know, I've been a stranger. I've just finished
directing, choreographing and performing in a musical for the local University
and now I can return to the internet. So about this Egypt lesson/ unit. Did
you want to work together on a lesson or a unit ? It appears that you have
already begun, where will you be by the middle of February ? I'd like to focus
on the Egyptian myth ( i.e. Osiris ans Isis, removing the brain and the gory
stuff, the concept of mummification, the afterworld...) Now, I teach 5
different groups during the day. Each group consists of 26 students. I am
attempting to pair your class up with a different class of mine once a they do not get jealous of one another.
Anyway, the class I will be teeming you up with this time is my top level
class. They will be creating their own hieroglyphics, myths, mummy cases, and
even their own cartouche.
Would you like to duplicate these activities and share with each other ? I
also would love to do a live lesson. We have an Egyptian girl on line who
wants to be a part of all this.Now, is there any way you can have your boys at
school for one hour on a particular date so they could also be a part of this
tri - global lesson ?  Let me know so we can plan and arrange for world press
coverage. I'll also notify Bill Clinton, I'm sure he'd like to be a part of
this.( smile) Let me know your thoughts. I think a three way discussion,
including question and answer periods between the three countries would be
really cool !!!! Can we possibly do this ?
    Also, thank your boys for the thank you notes. I'm so glad they liked
their pencils and their books. I felt like Mrs. Santa Clause. Isn't that
pyramid book neat ??? Do you have another copy of that wonderful book on
Egyptians that you sent Patti.
 I've forgotten the title, " Those Amazing Egyptians " or something like that.
Anyway, could you send a copy ? Please. And, hey HOW ABOUT THOSE CADBURY
CHOCOLATES ???? Thanks, Talk to you soon
                Your favorite comely wench,

P.S. I have a Christmas video for you all. I t will be coming in  a couple
                                  From Egypt

Date: Sun, 29 Jan 1995 12:50:08 GMT
Subject: Mrs.Pfeiffer::Mariam

Hello Mrs Pfeiffer
Yes, there is a book I have.There is
That book has alot of information in it
about Isis and Osiris and a little information
about Cleopatra and that book has alot of picturers
too.So if you would like to see them, just send me.

I would like to have three way live lesson.

Can we have the meeting around 1700 GMT or earlier.

I would like to be Nefertiti, Queen Hatshepsut,or
Queen Tiye.

By the way that book has a lest of ( chronology of
the dynasties ).

I don't think I would like to be Cleopatra becuase
She wasn't Egyption.


From             Jan 29, 95 01:56:07 pm GMT
Subject: Re:Mrs. Pfeiffer::Mariam

Hello Mrs Pfeiffer
I would just like to correct some spelling
mistakes. The system wasn't working before
so I couldn't go back.

 The book's name is : THE EGYPT STORY
So if you would like to see the pictures
just tell me and I'll photocopy them for you.
(list) (because) (Egyptian)


Date: Mon, 30 Jan 1995 12:26:20 GMT
Subject: Time for three way meeting::Mariam

Dear Mrs Pfeiffer
To help Mr Mike I will try to meet you at
18:00 GMT

The actual lesson....
                           Real Time Lesson on EGYPT
                               February 22, 1995


London, United Kingdom:    Mike Burleigh (teacher), Sharon Gray (teacher),
                           Samantha, Ryan and Lewis (students)
Cairo, Egypt:              Mariam Shenawi (age 11)
Delmar, Maryland:          Martha Pfeiffer and her 5th grade class, Patti Weeg
Cincinnati, Ohio:          Dan Wheeler (Professor at UC)
Ljubljana, Slovenia:       Andraz Tancek (age 16)
Cambridge, United Kingdom: Ben Walter (age 16)


*** Logfile egypt22f opened at Wed Feb 22 13:55:30 1995
*** Change: M-Andraz ( has joined channel #kidlink
*** Change: A-DanW (wheeler@ has joined channel #egypt
*MariamS* Good to see you too. Tommorrow I'll try to send Mrs Marthaa some
books  and pictures .
(A-DanW) hi Miriam
(MariamS) Hi DanW:)
(A-DanW) I'm in Cincinnati, ohio, usa
(MariamS) I'm in Cairo, Egypt.
(A-DanW) Patti was worried about the connection and asked me to come
(MariamS) It's a little slow.
(A-DanW) but it seems to be ok from here
(MariamS) But I am here al-Hamdullah.
(A-DanW) I did a check to your system a few minutes ago and it was fine.
(MariamS) brb.
(A-Patti) we are here... almost... there are mummies coming into this computer
*M-Andraz* HI!!! *HUGS* How are u & what's happening on #EGYPT
*** Change: M-Andraz ( has joined channel #EGYPT
(MariamS) What's happening?
(M-Andraz) Hi!
(A-Patti) the class is still coming in the room.. hold on... ;-)
(MariamS) Hi Andraz;)
(M-Andraz) Hi Miriam!
(A-DanW) we'll hold on tight!
*** Change: A-MikeB ( has joined channel #egypt
(A-DanW) hi mike!
(MariamS) OOps it's Mariam.
(M-Andraz) hi mike!!!
(A-MikeB) Hello from the UK is Miriam here yet?
(A-MikeB) sorry mariam
(A-Patti) kids are stil getting settled...
(M-Andraz) oops sorry Mariam :-)
(A-MikeB) We have some kids here now
(A-DanW) Hi kids in Maryland!
(MariamS) Hi Mr Mike:)
(A-MikeB) What time is it in Egypt right now mariam?
/nick Martha
*** Change: A-Patti is now known as Martha
(A-DanW) Hi kids in England!
(MariamS) It's 9:05
(Martha) hi Miriam. Hi Mike
(A-MikeB) Hello From Ryan and Samantha and Lewis here in the UK.
(MariamS) Hi Mrs Martha:)
(A-MikeB) Do you have press people there Mrs Weeg?
(Martha) Mariam, we have been studying Egypt. My students have some questions
for you.
(MariamS) Hello to everybody from  the UK and Maryland:)
(Martha) The press have not yet arrived.
(A-MikeB) Where in Egypt do you live Mariam?
(Martha) Mariam, have you ever been inside of a pyramid ?
(MariamS) I hope I can answer them because we haven't yet studied ancient
(MariamS)  I live in Cairo. No I haven't (been inside a pyramid)
(A-MikeB) We have been learning about Egypt all this term .
(Martha) Have you seen the  sphynx ?
(A-MikeB) Have you seen the pyramids mariam?
(MariamS) But I see the Pyramids  everyday on the way to school.
(A-MikeB) Have you climbed up one Mariam?
(Martha) Have you seen the Red Sea part?
(MariamS) No I haven't climbed one
(A-MikeB) are they very dangerous to climb is that why?
(MariamS) Yes' I have seen the red sea when I was very small.
(Martha) My students would like to know how criminals are punished. Oh, some
of my students are dressed as mummies and a few are dressed as the
(Martha) goddess Isis.
(MariamS) They put  criminals in jail
(A-MikeB) Sharon thinks this is a lovely idea......can we see a photo of you
all dressed as mummies.
(Martha) We took some photos. What are you dressed as Mike ?
(A-MikeB) We are on holiday we have come to school on a holiday!
(A-MikeB) I am not dressed as Henry VIII this time!
(MariamS) What holiday is it?
(A-MikeB) it is the half term holiday
(Martha) Mariam, what does your house look like ?
(A-MikeB) Samantha is giving me a hard time here she is telling me off for not
using capital letters.
(MariamS) I live in a building of five floors. I live on the first floor and
my Grandma  lives on the 5th floor.
(A-MikeB) Have you got a pet cat Mariam because we have learned that cats were
very important to the ancient Egyptians..........perhaps to fight all the
snakes .
(Martha) Mike, what are your students' favorite part about Egypt? Mariam, how
do you dress over there?
(MariamS) our building is one block  away from the Nile.
(A-MikeB) We learned that there were many snakes then......are there still
lots of snakes Mariam?
(A-MikeB) samantha wants to know if the Nile river still floods!!!!
(Martha) Tessa would like to know if you believe in the stories of Isis and
Osiris and the Afterlife.
(MariamS) Some people wear traditional clothes and some wear modern clothes.
(Martha) Mariam, can you read hieroglyphics ?
(MariamS) We are Muslims not Pharaohs and we believe in one God and all His
Prophets from Adam to Muhammad.
(A-MikeB) Are you fasting at the moment Mariam......because it is Ramadam is
it not.
(MariamS) They say there are snakes in the South of Egypt I have never seen
one as I live in a big city
(A-MikeB) Samantha says that you are allowed to eat now because it is dark.
(Martha) Mariam, have you been to king Tut's tomb.  Have you ever been to
other parts of Egypt ? Like the rainforests?
(MariamS) Yes I am fasting this is the last week of Ramadan.
(MariamS) There are no rainforests in Egypt. Egypt is desert and delta.
(Martha) What does an oasis look like? Are they very big?
(MariamS) But I go to Alexandria every summer and I visit the country side to
see my father's relatives.
-> *m-Ben* come join us.
*** M-Ben is away: "eating"
(Martha) Mariam, do you know who Alexandria was named for?
(MariamS) An oasis is like a green island in the desert like Siwa
(Martha) What is Siwa?
*** Change: M-Ben ( has joined channel #EGYPT
(MariamS) Alexandria was named for Alexander
(M-Ben) Hi!
(MariamS) Hi Ben:)
(Martha) Good for you, Mariam.
(Martha) Hugs to you Ben, from all of us at Delmar
(A-MikeB) Hello Ben.
(M-Ben) *hugs* to everyone at Delmar!
(Martha) Mariam, do you still make mummies?
(Martha) Mariam, my students would like to know who Muhammed was. Also, our
mummies are very
(MariamS) Siwa is that big oasis where they are looking for the tomb of
Alexander it is near Libya
(Martha) Could you send us some pictures or news articles about them trying to
find Alexander's grave?
(MariamS) Muhammed was the last of the Prophets and God revealed the last Holy
Book to him the Qur'an
*** Change: M-Andraz ( has joined channel #EGYPT
(M-Andraz) re Hi!
(MariamS) Yes Mrs Martha I can.
(Martha) Thank You Mariam
(MariamS) Hi Andrz :)
(M-Andraz) Hi Mariam!
(Martha) Is there a war in Egypt right now ?
(MariamS) Nobody makes mummies now we bury the dead
(Martha) Well. We still make mummies her at Delmar . Their names are Paul,
Jack and Jordan. We will send you a photo
(MariamS) No Egypt is very peaceful and we pray it  will continue to be so.
(Martha) Mariam, do you have any questions for us ? Mike, that goes for your
students as well.
(Martha) Mariam, my students want to know what kinds of food you eat. Also, do
you have computer games...what is your favorite ?
(A-MikeB) Scott and Rob want to say hello,  How big is your school Mariam?
*** Change: M-Andraz has left Channel #egypt
(MariamS) Why don't you all come and visit me:)
(Martha) Mariam, can you get us free plane tickets. we would love to come
over, but a two way flight to Egypt is over 3,000.00
(MariamS)  Why are they  interested in mummies?
(A-MikeB) We would love to come and visit you we are really close to the
airport we will see you tomorrow morning!!!
(Martha) We have been studying Egypt, and the students love to hear about all
that scary stuff.
(Martha) Mike, beam us on over, will you ?
(MariamS) No Egyptair is cheaper.
(Martha) Mariam, have you ever been to America? Would you like to visit us ?
(A-MikeB) We went to the British museum we saw lots of Egyptian things Do you
mind these things being in Britain and not in Egypt?
(MariamS) We eatfish , rice meat, chicken and sweets:)
(Martha) Why does Britain have so much??? We have some here the
Metropolitan Museum in New York.
(Martha) Do you have pizza in Egypt ?
(Martha) My students also want to know if you have a swimming pool, Mariam.
The system at Duquesne that hosts this IRC chat went 'down' for a minute and
threw us all offline.  We came back online to say goodbye as it was past
Mariam's bedtime.

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