Happy Easter!

Hi Patti
Deseo tengas una feliz Semana Santa. Happy Easter !!!
Carlos Calderon and family

Pictures for our friends at Liceu Salesiano Nossa Senhora Auxiliadora in Campinas, Brazil and Holy Trinity School in Argentina.

Dear friends in U.S

Hello, I'm a girl and my name is Anna Karolina Amorim. I'm 12 years old. I study at Liceu Salesiano Nossa Senhora Auxiliadora in Campinas, a city near São Paulo- Brazil. I want to be a journalist when I grown up. When I grown up I want the world to be happy, with no war, peace ful, with much love and good persons... I can help make this happen right now by helping people, love my family, respecting the nature, being comprehensive...... Answers: Yes, I'm celebrate the Easter. In Brazil the date is change, but in 1999 is in 4 for April.In my school have a celebration. My favorite holiday is Easter and Chrismas. My favorite subject is English and Science, because is simple , cool and interesting. Yes, some people have a boy and girlfriend, but not me. Questions: Witch is your hobby? My hobby is go to mall, talking my friends, walk roller and bike... Who is your favorite band and singer? My it's Aerosmith, N'sync, Backstreet boys, Off Spring, Maddonna, Mariah Carey, Aqua... What is your favorite subject? Do you like go to party? Please, write back soon. Goodbye!!!

Dear friend in U.S,

I'm a girl and my name's Natalia M. Klein. I'm Luciana's student and I study at Liceu. I'm 12 years old. We celebrate Easter Day with many chocalate eggs, and we go to the church during the "Saint Week" from Thursday to Sunday and revival Christ's death. The Easter Day in Brazil is change and in 1999 the Easter Day is on 04/04. No, we don't have a party in school. My favorite holiday is chrismas too, because we have a supper, and I rning great presents. It's very coal!! My favorites subjects are English and Science, because they are very interesting. The teachers are coal, but they are exacting and some times they are borings. Some boys have girlfriend and some girls have boyfriend( but I don't have boyfriend). Do you know Anna Karolina Amorim and Fernanda de Souza Belli? They are my good friends! HAVE A NICE AND GOOD EASTER DAY!! Please describle your self.


Dear Friends in Brazil,

Hi my name is Shawn Frye. I will tell you about Easter. Before Easter we have a good Friday. On Easter we have Easter egg hunts. That is were you hide eggs and kids go to find then. We paint eggs and call them Easter eggs. We get a few gifts. We get like clothes. After you find the eggs you eat them for dinner. Some people have parties. My family has a party. In school some people bring in cupcakes for lunch. On the morning of Easter we wake up and see a big basket of candy. Our parents put candy in our baskets. This is about Easter. Do you think Easter is fun? I am 11 years old. Mrs. Patti Weeg said hi.

Your New Friend,
Shawn F

Dear Friends,

Easter we go to church and have Easter egg hunt. With friends and family. With eggs and we get new suits and dresses. That's pretty much about Easter.

Your Friend
Kiana M

Dear friends,

Easter here have Easter egg hunts. At church we have plays at church. Then we eat pig feet, dumplings, fried chicken, neck bone, and some Dr. Pepper.

Grade 6

Dear Friends,

Easter here we have celebrations like easter egg hunt and other other fun things. We celebrate this day when everybody gets together. We go to church and after that every body goes back to someone house, and eat soul food, sing, dance, play, and other fun things. That's what we do for easter.

Your friend,
Iris S

Dear friends,

Hello my name is Katrice and I am going to tell you about Easter. On Easter we have easter egg hunts. Easter is a very happy holoday. The eggs that we look for are hard boiled, and decorated with pretty colors. In church we have an Easter play and recite speeches. It is so FUN!!!! What do you do for Easter???

Your Key-Pal,
Katrice H
P.S. Write back............PLEASE!!!!!!!

Hi my name is Ebony. I'm going to tell you about Easter Okay. On Easter at church we have a Easter play & Easter speech. What do you do for Easter???? P.s. Write back okay..

Your Keypal

Patricia A. Weeg
author: Kids@work: Math in the Cyberzone

page updated March 27, 1999