Deniz Visits Delmar

Spring 1996

Deniz and her mom, Banu, came to visit us at Delmar near the end of our school year. The 5th and 6th grade students enjoyed chatting with her and were amazed to hear her talk about the very difficult examinations that all 5th grade students in Turkey must pass with high scores in order to attend the best schools. There is much pressure on the young students to do well academically. Some parents have their children tutored to assure an excellent performance. Our Delmar students told Deniz about the Maryland School performance tests that they were in the proces of taking. School is not so diffferent no matter where you live!

Dear Patti and friends,

Since I moved to a new house away from the city center our phone is still not connected (my parents are too busy to apply for a phone !) so I can not write to you as often as I want. I will start writing as soon as my phone gets connected.

I finished 5th grade (and therefore elementary school) last year. I have started a new school. It is a British school in Istanbul. It is only 7 minutes away from my home ! I'm going to the prep class (where they teach English). But I am in the most advanced class. We are nearly all girls (except 1 boy) in my class. There are 11 of us.

We have classes in English and some in Turkish. The school is new and very nice. We are the first students. My teachers are Miss Seddon, Mrs. Sirl, Mr Sirl, Mr. Crump and some others.

My school ends at 4 o'clock. I go horseback riding every day. I even entered a jumping competition last week (this was my first). I finished with 6 bad marks !

I have new friends where I live also. Alice is my best friend. She is the daughter of my school principal !!! Alice also rides horses.

Here is some news: as you may know I will be coming to the US in January. And guess where: to Delaware ! My mother will teach at the University of Delaware, and so we will be living in Wilmington . How far away from Delmar is that ? I wish to visit you when I come.

This is all for now. Love and kisses.

Dear Deniz,

Hello!! This is Megan. How do you like it in Delaware? What school do you go to in Delaware? How, is it different from your school in Turkey? Are you having fun in America. I hope you like it here! What do you like the most about America? Where would you especially like to go in America? I hope you like it here!

Your Friend,

Thu, 4 May 1995 Dear Megan,

Actually I don't like my school.Suprised !?! Because after 5th grade you have a BIG BIG exam to get in a proper junior high school(The best is Robert College) It is 100 questions you have to answer in two hours!And because of that you have to work lots of the time. The exam will be on the 21 st of May .And believe it or not we learn when the Ottoman Empire conquered Cyprus(etc etc) Got to go!

loves and kisses

Dear Deniz,

Hi! My name is Tracey. I am 11 years old and enjoy playing softball, soccer, and basketball. Do you like playing sports? I was in the Softball Championship with my best friend Melissa Hovatter. Well hope you have a nice stay at Delmar.


Your Key Pal,

Dear Deniz,

Hi!!! How are you? I am fine . My name is Kelly. Do you have any brothers or sisters? I do. They are Keith, Donald, and Wayne . I have a step sister her name is Amy . Well I got to go so GOOD BYE!

Your Friend,

Dear Deniz, I got your letter. It was really nice hearing from you. I know if you're talking about the high school that really is a noisy school. I already told you about my brother and my sister. So now let's talk about the general stuff. O.K. now let's go. I don't have any dogs but I will tell you what I do have. I have CATS. Well I won't be here to this school next year because I'm moving with my aunt to North Carolina. So bye now the bell rang.

Well it's nice writing to you now!
Willamenia Your Friend,

Dear Deniz,

Hi!! How are you? I'm fine. How was the first day of school? Is the United states like home? My name is Ashley Adkins. Do you have any hobbies? I have a couple. If you do have any hobbies, what are they? My hobbies are playing sega, playing with my friends and playing sports. By the way, sega is a video game for us. Do you have any brothers or sisters? I have one sister. She can be a pain somtimes, but I still like her. If you could take me any where in the world, where would you take me? I would take you to all of the malls in Wicomico county. Do you like the malls? I like them very much. Well, I have to go!!!

Your key pal,

January 30,1996

Dear Deniz,

Hello! How are you? I"m fine. My name is Kaley. Do you like to write to people? I love to write to people. Do you like to play sports? *(what do you play)* I have one brother, And one sister. My brothers name is Kyle. My sister name is Kirsten. I have three dogs named Losey, Totstey, Amanda. I have three hamsters named Patches, Penny, Peanut. I also have two cats named Tinker, Blackberry. I'm in the 5th grade. What grade are you in? Well got to go! SEE-YA!!!!!!

Your Friend,

Dear Deniz,

How are you? This is Stephanie. I am going to be very happy for you to come visit us here at Delmar. How is the weather cooperating with you? It is cooperating very well here. Well, it sort of is. We had a very bad storm two days ago.

Do you know what the M.S.P.A.P. test is? It is the Maryland School Performance Assessment Program. We have to take the test this week and it is sort of hard. We just started it today. I don't really like the test but we have to take it no matter what, whether we want to or not.

Please answer these.
1.What do dolphins eat?
2.Do they live in salt water or fresh water?
3.If you would make up any more I would appreciate it.

P.S. Gonna see ya soon.

Your Key-Pal,

Dear Deniz,

Hi!! How are you ? I am fine. My name is Ashleigh. I am 10 years old. I'm in fifth grade. I'm one of the kids at Kidlink whom you will soon see. I have one sister.

I can't believe you are coming all the way from Turkey to see us. How does feel to be here? I live in Delaware but a lot of the kids who go to this school are probably from Maryland. Have you made any new friends yet. Who are your best friends in Turkey ? My best friends are Heather Boothe and Ashley Adkins. My other friends are Cate light, Melissa Hovater, Stephanie Palmer, Caitlin Rimkis, and I have more friends.

Do you think it's weird being in a new place or have you been here before ? I have one mom and one dad. I have 4 pets 1 of which is mine. What is your favorite color ? Mine is blue. What is your favorite animal ? Mine is a cat.

You are welcome to come any time you want to. We all can't wait to have you here. Do you have the holiday Easter when you get a lot of candy stuffed animals like chicks or rabbits ? If so Happy Easter. Easter is on April 7th this year. That is next Sunday. (Easter is always on a Sunday here)

PS - Write Back!!

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