Stephen Decatur

Dear David, Caitlin, Bridget, Stephanie, Kim, and Aysha,

David, you are right "Old Mother Hubbard" is my favorite. Have you ever read it or has anyone ever read it to you ?

Dear Jimmy DiDomenicis,

I like dalmations..especially I like their spots. But when I read "Old Mother Hubbard" I picture an old brown "mute" with floppy ears and a bushy tail(I once had a dog like that.). Who is Mrs. Mathie ? It was nice that she read the story to you. I hope you remembered to thank her---as I now say thanks to you for writing to me.

Your friend,
Prospector Parker

Dear Erica and Kate:

Thanks for writing. Erica, you must have a good memory and a good speaking voice to be able to say "Peter Piper" fast!!! Kate, I like "Little Miss Muffet" myself. I always think that if a big spider came and sat beside me, it would frighten me away as well. And you both guessed my favorite Mother Goose rhyme--"Old Mother Hubbard".

Keep reading!!
Prospector Parker

Caitlin and Stephanie:

Good work on finding out about Stephen Decatur--no, EXCELLENT work!!. Did you use an encyclopedia? If so, tell me which one OR did you find the information in another book. He had quite an exciting life and his life is fun to act out. You wrote

He was born in a log cabin in Sinepunxent, MD, on January 5, 1779

Did you know that "Sinepunxent, MD" is now what we call Berlin, Maryland. Have you ever been there? There is a park called Stephen Decatur Park very near to where he was born. It was too bad he died so young(If he was born in 1779 and died in 1820 how old was he??????).


Goosey, Goosey Gander is another funny one!! Do you say prayers ? I know I certainly do--everyday!! I'm sure your Mother Goose book was a favorite of yours since your father got it for you. You may send me a code if you wish, I don't know any myself.

Stephanie and Bridget:

You certainly have a lot of questions!!! Actually Bridget I've answered a lot of them in previous e-mails so you can look the answers up on the wonderful web page Miss Weeg created.

I guess it is hard to explain "panning for gold". You have a sieve (a pan with lots of teeny, tiny holes--you dip it in the stream and pick up up some dirt, then you shake out the stones and IF YOU ARE lucky you MIGHT find a tiny piece of Gold!! Of course, you have to do this in an area where you know gold mines exist.. Any clearer??? At Fronteir Town you always get lucky and find some (pretend gold, of course.)--it's fun. As far as I am concerned I don't do that anymore, I just like to entertain children with my plays.

We travel to schools mostly in Maryland and a few in Pennsylvania. In fact today we have a performance at 7:30 PM in a school called Sussex Elementary near Baltimore in a town called Essex. They have a PTA meeting then we perform for the parents and children. We'll also so back there with our special show in December "The Music Bear" during the school day, like we do for you. Then on Sunday night, Mrs. Wills and I get to portray Harry and Bess Truman in a town in Virginia. Do you know who Harry and Bess Truman are ?

So I've got to get ready to leave, but thank you all for writing. See you on November 27!!

Propsector Parker

P.S. For those "older" kids who want to know my REAL age, I'll tell you on November 13th--Any guesses why I chose that date?? BUT it won't be an easy to figure out!!

Your friend,
Prospector Parker

P.P.S. All of your pictures look so good on your web page. It looks as if you are really enjoying your computor lab. Keep up the good work!!

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