Danni Visits Delmar Elementary School
a Kidlink project
Danni, a Brazilian teddy bear traveling around the world, arrived in Delmar Elementary School on Wednesday April 26th after the students had gone for the day. On April 27 Danni visited Mrs. Taylor's 5th grade homeroom and went to lunch with the students in the picture. The Kidlink website for Danni is http://www.kidlink.org/KIDPROJ/danni00

Danni's schedule while at Delmar:

  1. Thursday (April 27) - Mrs. Taylor's 5th grade homeroom
  2. Friday (April 28) - Mrs. Weeg's computer classes
  3. Monday (May 1) - Professional Day, school closed
  4. Tuesday (May 2) - Mrs. Lewis' 3rd grade homeroom
  5. Wednesday (May 3) - Mrs. Tardiff's kindergarten classes
  6. Thursday (May 4) - Mrs. Weeg's Kidlink students, grades 5 and 6
    Danni says goodbye to Delmar and is mailed to New Jersey
  7. Danni's gifts from Delmar
  8. Inside Danni's box - Brazilian Money, school agendas and children's books in Portuguese and English

Another teddy bear named "Benni" visited Delmar in 1997. He traveled all the way from Iceland!


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May 3, 2000