The SS Central America A Shipwreck to Remember

The SSCA project, moderated by KIDLINK's Jamie Wilkerson, is an adventure that takes us back into history. The SS Central America was a steamship that sank in 1857 during a hurricane off the coast of the Carolinas. Delmar students are participating in this adventure which shares the events of the sinking and also the discovery of the ship in 1990.

Bud Butterworth met the students on the KIDLINK IRC in September and told them about his adventures as an assistant to the chief photographer and his duties managing the visual archives. The kids enjoyed their chat with Bud and Jamie's students in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

As part of the project my students created their own 'shipwreck in a bottle' and gathered ocean water from nearby Lewes, Delaware. In their bottle they put items that might have been on a steamship at that time.

Their science teacher put their 'shipwreck' in the bottom of his pool until May 12th when all the kids around the world who participated in this project looked in their bottle and compared notes.
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