About Football and Baby Years

Dear Emi Tabata and Masaya Sasaki,

When we play football we make touchdowns. We kick the ball over the field goal. We run with the ball and we pass it. Whe I played football in the snow I kept falling. We couldn't run very fast.


Dear Hironori Yaguchido,

I think your picture is a shark. You did a nice job on your picture. I like to draw pictures of trucks. I willl draw a picture of a truck for you.


Dear Wataru and Yaguchi,

I had a teddy bear that I liked. His name was markis just like my name. I had a baby chair in the kitchen and in the car. Do you have a baby chair in the car?


Dear Kouhei Tuchida,

I had a seat that went into the tub. It helped me sit up so that I would not drown in the water. I had a pretty high chair. Do you like my baby picture? I still have my baby blanket.


Dear Friends in Japan,

Do you have carseats? Babies have carseats. It is the law in our state. When I was a baby I had my favorite big teddy bear. I named her Melissa.


Dear children,

My students were finally able to see your Web pages and write back to you today. We had two big snow storms and then the snow on the roof leaked into our computer lab! The main computer was all wet but now it is ok.

We talked about your drawing, Hironori, and the children decided that it must be a shark in the water. Are we correct?

Dear Masaya,

Tell us about the fun time you has skiing at your grandfather's place. We have to travel about 4 or 5 hours to get to any mountains for skiing because our peninsula is all flat land.

Dear Wataru,

You are quite and artist! That is a very good picture of Godzilla. I like the tall buildings you drew and the helicopter and the airplane. You are very clever.

Dear Kanako,

Why was your snowman little? Did you have only a little bit of snow? When it snows a whole lot does your school close like ours does? People cannot drive on our roads when we have a big snow.

Dear Emi,

I have asked the students to draw a picture of a football game. I hope they remember! Here is a picture of the helmet that football players wear in real games.

Dear Kouhei,

I like the pictures of your baby clothes and your small toy car. They are very nice.

Love to everyone,

Patricia A. Weeg
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