A Magic Ring
by Shanita

I was walking to school one morning in early June. The sun was shining and it was already a hot day. I saw something shiny and sparkling in the playground grass. I wondered what it was. I bent down and picked it up. It was a big diamond ring! I showed my friend, Chelsea, when I got to school. She said, "Can I wear it for a while?" I told her that she could wear it tomorrow but today I wanted to wear it.

I put the ring on my finger and something happened. I was in math class doing multiplication. I passed my nines. On the page in my math book was a math problem about Skittles. There were pictures of the Skittles on the page in the math book . I love Skittles. They are my favorite candy. I wished that I had Skittles to eat. The Skittles on the page in the book came out of the book and were on my desk! My wish came true! I ate lots of Skittles and my tummy started to hurt.

It was time for gym and I didn't want to go because I forgot my gym shoes. Mrs. Noelte would not be happy with me. My tummy still hurt, too. As I was walking down the hallway to the gym I wished I had my gym shoes with me. Suddenly I felt a funny feeling in my feet. I looked down and my tennis shoes were on my feet! Ohhh... my stomach was not feeling very good. Why did I eat those Skittles?

I wished I was home in bed. In a flash I was not in gym class. I was at home in my bed! Oh no! Now I'm going to miss our class ice cream party. I'm sorry that I made the wish to be home in bed. I wondered why all of my wishes were coming true. Could it be the ring? I took the ring off and wished that I was at school again. Nothing happened. My wish didn't come true. I thought it must be the ring that was magic. I realized that getting everything I want isn't always fun.

I decided to put the ring back where I found it. I walked back to the playground where I found the ring. I bent down and carefully put the ring back in the dirt. I covered it a little bit and walked away. I knew that I did the right thing.


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Patti Weeg

April 23, 2002