NECC 2006 Synopsis

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Conference Session summaries

  1. Geocaching with Kids - Chris, Carl and I went on a Geocaching Treasure Hunt to learn first hand how students are engaged in higher order thinking skills when using GPS systems. The link is not from the conference (there is none) but this link gives good ideas for using GPS systems with students.
  2. Podcast Bangladesh: Communicating Globally with Ubiquitous Computing Tools - Julie Lindsay from Dhaka, Bangladesh, presented this session during which she showed the audience how to make a podcast and how she uses them in the International School Dhaka where she is head of technology. Ms. Lindsay demonstrated how podcasting gives students a voice and supports global communication and understanding.
  3. Teacher Candidates Get HANDY with Handhelds - Regina Royer showed how student interns at Salisbury University use Palms to collect and analyze student data and how handhelds can support data driven decision making.
  4. Keynote: Podcasting and Podcatching for the Absolute Beginner - This spotlight session was presented by a panel consisting of several podcasting gurus: Larry Anderson, Tim Wilson, Lucy Gray, David Warlick, Ted Lai. This session was designed for those who know very little about podcasting. The panel shared where to find podcasts, how to make them and use them in education.
  5. Extraordinary Visions Dewitt Jones - National Geographic photographer - inspired the audience to "raise the bar" and envision our own creative potential. He was incredible…
  6. Techno Geometry: See How Using MS Office Makes Geometry Awesome! - Chris Cuppett's Poster session - I took pictures of Chris and listened while he demonstrated ways to enhance geometry lessons using MS Office
  7. Say Cheese! Using Digital Cameras in the Classroom - Judy Ryan, the presenter, shared many ways to use a digital camera across the curriculum. Sample ideas - Ms. Ryan's handouts: Social Studies, Math
  8. Keynote: One Laptop Per Child - Nicholas Negroponte shared his dream to put a laptop in the hands of all children around the world to help them "learn learning." It was very interesting to see how he has been able to trim the expenses.
  9. Technology: a Catalyst For Learning in the High School - Don't miss their eCybermission Project where the students used higher order thinking to come up with a solution for cleaning the oil leaks at the Arizona Memorial.
  10. A One Hour Tour: Navigating Primary Sources on the Internet - Kathy Schrock delivered this spotlight session and showed the audience the difference between primary and secondary sources and how to use them across the curriculum.
  11. Using Handhelds to Promote Creative Thinking Skills - This poster session showcased how the students worked collaboratively with handhelds to build knowledge. They used simply programs such as Memo
  12. eBooks: Resources for Reading in the Classroom - Dr. Cavanaugh's poster session showed where to get eBooks, listed advantages and disadvantages of using eBooks, and explained eBook technology.
  13. Palmapalooza! - our three hour workshop on using Palm handhelds in the curriculum.


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Patti Weeg
July 13, 2006