Mrs. Weeg's Computer Lab Classes

Hello friends in Ms. Stubbs' class!

  1. First letters from Mrs. Weeg's classes - Me in a Shoebox - Students list some items that they could fit in a shoebox that would tell others about them and their likes.
  2. First letters from Ms. Stubbs' class - Me in a Shoebox
  3. If my friend came to Cape Town - Kidspiration files made by Ms. Stubbs' class
  4. Photo Gallery! Delmar friends in South Africa
  5. "If you came to Delmar..." from Mrs. Weeg's students to Ms. Stubbs' class.
  6. Places to see in and around Cape Town - from Mrs. Bruton
  7. A typical day at Delmar Elementary School
  8. A typical day for students in Ms. Stubbs' class
  9. Delmar's weather - May 16-20, 2005

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Mrs. Patti Weeg
updated May 25, 2005