SSgt. Bradford Came to Delmar!

November 10, 2005

SSgt. Bradford poses with his sister, Mrs. Owens, and some of the students who wrote to SSgt. Bradford while he was in Fallujah, Iraq in the Spring of 2005.

SSgt. Bradford showed the students many pictures from Iraq and began by showing them how far apart we are on a world map. Learning map skills is the current social studies lesson in 4th grade.

SSgt. Bradford brought back a copy of an Iraqi newspaper.

...and a huge flag of Iraq!

He visited many of Mrs. Owens' former students who wrote to him during the last school year. Many of these students are now in Mrs. Sowell's homeroom.

Can you see who is featured in the Iraqi newspaper?

SSgt. Bradford showed the students patches...

...and Iraqi coins

...and Iraqi bills.

What a nice visit
right before
Veteran's Day!


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Mrs. Patti Weeg
updated November 10, 2005