Design Your Own Project

Points to Consider

Here are some suggestions to think about when designing a project that your class and a partner class will do online together. You and your partner can brainstorm ways to design a project that will address the needs of students in both classes as well as the curriculum demands you both face. If one class has an artist - great! If one class has a fantastic poet - super! If this is your first project online, begin small. There is no need to design a project that will make too many demands on your limited time.

Pull your student resources together and create a project where all can shine and excell.

  1. identify goals and objectives - Identify the skills from your content standards that you want to address in your project.
  2. define a timeline - How long do you want your project to last? How often will contact, such as e-mail, be established with your online partners?
  3. create a project outline - List the activities that your students will be doing.
  4. define project activities - How will the students be achieving the goals of the project?
  5. consider real time interactions - Will your class be interacting with their global partners in any real time activities such as IRC? Will time zones be an issue?
  6. stimulate deep thinking - Encourage the students to think beyond the text they see on the screen. Help them move from data to information to insight.
  7. establish evaluation rubrics - Show the students the criteria that will be used to evaluate their work. Some of the rubrics may be developed by the students. [More about this in Lesson 6]
  8. publish student work - Make the work of your students visible for their partner class as well as parents to see.

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Patti Weeg
April 17, 2004