Every Day's a Holiday

Holidays Where You Live
The season of the year will provide writing opportunities for your students. What national and religious holidays do you celebrate in your country during your school year? Are you permitted to celebrate any religious holidays in school? Have your students share holiday descriptions and activities with their keypals. The student in the picture to the right is dressed for Purim.

National, Religious and Local Celebrations

  1. What special events take place such as games or parades?
  2. What foods are prepared?
  3. Are there special costumes or attires for the holiday such as Halloween, Mardi Gras or Purim?
  4. What decorations add color and festivity?
School Celebrations

What school celebrations take place during your academic year that the students can describe? Below are some ideas but these are merely a sample. You and your students will know best what your school celebrates.

  1. skating party
  2. assemblies for academic achievement
  3. D.A.R.E Program (Drug Awareness Resistance Education)
  4. 4H presentations
  5. Special assemblies
  6. Band and orchestra programs
  7. International Dinner
  8. Book Fair
What kinds of celebrations do schools around the world have? It will be interesting for you and your students to learn about them. Do the students see similarities? What celebrations do their keyals have that are not the same as theirs? Have the students make a Venn Diagram and compare holidays.

Perhaps the students could help each other celebrate the holiday of their friends. Students in the United Kingdom know what "Red Nose Day" and "Guy Fawkes Night" are but these events are probably not familiar to the students in the USA. "Boxing Day" is a UK holiday but students everywhere do not celebrate it. Students in the USA celebrate Halloween and many of their friends around the world do not celebrate this day.

Many countries have an Independence Day. How is this day celebrated? Students can describe the ways people celebrate their independence day.

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Patti Weeg
April 17, 2004