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with friends in South Africa

apple Friends from Springfield Convent Junior School in South Africa sent us e-mail and told us what their favorite fruits are. Here are their messages.

Dear Mrs weeg,
My favourite fruit is watermelon. What is your favourite fruit?
love Mary-ann.
Dear Mrs Weeg,
My favourite fruit is a watermelon.
best wishes Jamie N
Dear mrs Weeg,
My favourite fruit is a strawberry.
best wishes love from Bianca
Dear Mrs Weeg,
My favourite fruit is a banana.
best wishes Megan O.
Dear Mrs weeg,
My favourite fruit is grape.
best wishes Sarah B
Dear Mrs Weeg,
My favourite is a mango best wishes from Jessica Van Rensburg

Mrs. Weeg's computer students from Mrs. Yurek's class took the data and made graphs on the computer using Graph Club software. Each student placed the correct number of fruit in each column of a pictograph and bar graph. They labeled the axes and gave titles to their graphs. Each student left the lab with a printed copy of his or her graphs.

Below are two sample graphs made by Jeffrey using "Graph Club" and the letter that the students sent back to South Africa.

Hi girls,
We the class in Delmar made a graph about your favourite fruits. We will send you the graphs soon. Will anyone else inyour class tell us their favorite fruit? We'll get back to you soon.

Your friends,
Jeffrey, Tiffany, Charles, Lakeena and Jerome and Mrs. Weeg

Favorite Fruits in South Africa
Favorite Fruits in South Africa

Our friends in South Africa replied:

Hello Jeffrey, Tiffany, Charles, Lakeena and Jerome (and Patti),
The grade 3S's would like to challenge you to try their nature/animal quiz - take a look at

and follow the links to "Buildding the Global classroom"

You will find out a great deal about our South African animals at the May animals quiz.

Perhaps you'd like to join the project and make some quizzes about your indigenous animals as well?

Let us know how many you guessed right?

Perhaps you could graph the number of right and wrong guesses - there are 18 questions and 17 of them come from South Africa. The red fox is not indigenous to South Africa (the first question).

Here are the grade 3S's favourite fruits:

Tammy, Jade, Ashley - apple
Lindsay, Jules (Juliet) - grape
Alex B, Katherine, Tracey G, Sarah W, Ceri O - strawberry
Anri, Kate, Jessica B, Kirsten, Suskia - Watermelon
Alex S - pear
Brittany, Natasha - litchi (often grown in Natal)
Tove - naartjie (like a sweet small orange but always easy to segment)
Beata, Courtney - mango
Devon - guava
Cara - mango
Phillipa and Mrs Cozien - granadilla
Tayla P - satsuma ( a special kind of orange hybrid I think)
Mrs Bruton - banana

Hope this helps you. Let us know if you dont know what these fruits look like!

Best wishes,
Carolynn Bruton and the class of Grade 3S

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Patricia A. Weeg
author: Kids@work: Math in the Cyberzone