100th Day of School

100th Day of School Activities

Moderated by: Leisa Winrich

                  100th day of school
                    Delmar, Maryland

In Salisbury our 100th day of school will be February 14th.
List 100 ways you can say 'I love you' to your dear ones...

Students at our school are doing activities for "100th day."
Here are some ideas for our Math keypals to try:

1.  What can you do in 100 seconds?  Time yourself and let us
know.  e.g. How many times can you jump rope in 100 seconds?

2.  What 100 objects could you fit in a 5 oz. cup?
    100 beans? peanuts?

3.  How tall is a stack of 100 pennies?  100 nickles?
    The coin of your choice?

4.  Make number sentences that equal 100.
    5 X 20 = 100    (3 X 33) + 1 = 100     (300/6) X 2 = 100

5.  Where would a 100 step walk take your from your house?
    From your classroom?
    From your bedroom?

6.  Find some people whose ages total exactly 100.  e.g.

    Mom is      32
    Dad is      35
    sister is    9
    brother is   3
    friend is   11
    cousin is   10
    total      100

7.  Toss a coin 100 times and graph the results... head and

8.  List what $100 will buy.  Get as close to $100 as you
can.  Include the tax if there is any.

9.  Create word problems where the answer is 100.  e.g.

    Johnathan and Natalie walk 7 blocks to school every day
and 7 blocks back home.  They go to school 5 days of the
week.  On Monday, Wednesday and Friday they walk home,
eat a snack and then walk to the park to play.  The park is 5
blocks from home.  They walk home again in time for dinner.
How many blocks do they walk each week?



I don't have any facts as good as your 100 fact - Babe Ruth's birthday -
but here are some things we are doing on our 100th day of school on
February 14th:

We will be silent for 100 seconds after the first 100 minutes of school
that day.  School starts at 8:25 A.M., kids, so when will Delmar be

Our 6th graders will write an essay on what it was like to be in 6th
grade 100 years ago.   Can any of you remember???  Awwww.... ;-)

5th graders will write how they would spend $100 if they had it to
spend! ;-)

Some classes will write a 100 word entry (exactly) in their journal.
Can you do that?

Tell us how your school will mark its 100th day.



From:         Claudia Allred  ALLREDC@CITADEL.BITNET
Subject:      100th day project

Our 100th day of school was on January 31st.
I am including a few ideas that I thought up about five minutes ago.
Perhaps some of these would be helpful.

1.  Learn to say 100 in French, Sppanish, and German.
2.  How many pesos would equal to $100 in US currency?
3.  How many lire would equal to $100 in US currency?
4.  How long would it take a person to walk 100 miles?
5.  How much water is contained in 100 ice cubes?
6.  Name as many basketball teams that have made exactly 100 points
    in one game.
7.  How much exercise is needed to burn off 100 calories?

I will send more ideas as think of them.
Claudia Allred

                               From Israel

From:         Boker    boker@zeus.datasrv.co.il
Subject:      Re: 100th day project

Shalom all,

We do not mention the 100th school day here in Israel.
I just wanted to tell you all that on one of the lists I ansered a
request to express 100 is 100 ways. The example they gave was 25+25+25+25.

I added, from Hebre, That the 19th letter in the Hebrew alphbet has the
value of 100. this is the letter "KUF" and it looks like this:
                  |  |

100 in Hebrew is "MEAH"

Best regards, Hannah
_ __________________________________________________________________________
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| Sde-Boker, ISRAEL 84990                  /        \   Environment, ON   |
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| Fax 972-7-556286  -------------/                        \___ Environment|
                             From Wisconsin

From:         Leisa Winrich    lwinrich@quest.arc.nasa.gov
Subject:      100th day

Thanks to all those sending in the facts for 100.
Yes, I will make a file. Maybe it will have 100
things in it????

Today, my math class added these as examples of 100:

$100 dollar bill
100mm = 10 cm
100% on a test score
100% Natural--a Milwaukee singing group
V-100--a local radio station
10 decades--100 years---1 century
100 miles to the next city (although we have to find out where that is

When I said Babe Ruth was 100 years old, they couldn't figure out when
he was born :-(

My language class has to write a 100 word summary on a movies tonight.
I grabbed that suggestion off Kidproj. I wonder if they will grumble about
it tomorrow.

                            From Newfoundland

From: Dolores M. Billings  dmbillin@calvin.stemnet.nf.ca
Subject: 100th day project

Hi, we're from Southern Harbour, Newfoundland. We are in Grade six at Our
Saviour King Academy. The 100th day for our school would be February 14th.
Some activities we will be doing are
1. Measure the height of 100 pennies in centimetres.
2. Read 100 books to our younger students.
3.Do 100 Math problems.

                                  From Alaska

From: Maryann Holmquist mholmquist@arctic.nsbsd.k12.ak.us

Dear Leisa....Our 100th day of school was Feb. 1st. We made a chain
with 100 links. Estimated its distance...then took an actual measurement.
  Mary Ann Holmquist, Barrow, AK

                          Word Problems for 100th Day
                                 February 14th
                               Delmar, Maryland

I asked the students to make word problems that have '100' as the answer.
This was not as easy as some of them thought. ;-)

  Multiply the number of legs on a dog by the number of states
   in the United States. Subtract how  many days are in a week. Then subtract
the number of fingers on your hands. After that subtract how many nickels are
in a dollar. Now you subtract the number of planets in the solar system. Now
subtract how many months are in 4 years. Last one subtract the number of  eyes
on three faces.

Nicole Waldau

 Multiply how many legs there are on a dog by how many colors are in the
rainbow. Then subtract how many ft. in a yard and multiply by the same
subtracted. Next take how many noses on three faces and add that. After that
take how many inches in a ruler by foot multiply by three add that. Then take
a bakers dozen and subtract that. When done take how many fingers in a peace
sign. Next add a thumb. What is your answer?

Becky Birch

      Add the number of seconds in a minute, the number of states in the
United States, the number of legs a dog has and the number of hours in a day.
Subtract the number of days in January and how many days are in a week.

Leslie Dyson
Age 11


      Brittany had $300.00 and she gave $200.00 to the shelter.
      Julia has 200 dogs and 300 fish she gave her friend
      a dog and 2 fish now add and subtract!!
      Jessica had $ 200.00 and she gave 200.00 to Christen.
      Now add all and subtract all them.

Brittany Hansen, Julia Lecates

     Multiply five pennies by twenty  more  pennies? How many pennies

     Multiply 50 and 50.  Subtract 2400.

Charles Tull
Delmar Eelemntary School

                                 From Montana

From:         Cynthia Baumann   cynthiab@bigsky.dillon.mt.us
Subject:      100 days

Our 100th day was Feb 6.  Our whole school got into the act!

For EVERYTHING predict first! then do the actual.
1. small treat for the 100th student in the lunch line.
2.certificates for studetns with 100 days perfect attendance
3. how far would 100 students reach if we laid them end to end
4. cut out 100 feet, how far down the hall will they reach?
5. how far could you travel from your house if you traveled for 100 minutes,
hours, days?
6. how far could you travel from your house if you traveled for 100 minutes
by foot, car, train, plane, space shuttle?
7. What will you look like when you are 100 years old? (draw on paper that
has been crinkled to make wrinkles)
8. Everyone brings 100 items--weigh them
9. bring 100 things in your lunch (include packaging if you want to)
10. close your eyes for 100 seconds. Stand when you think the time is up.
11. What happened 100 years ago?  What will happen 100 from now?
12 Bring something to school that represents 100.  Present the item and a
short speech explaining why this is appropriate. (this year I had a picture
of baby brother at 100 days, a monopoly $100, barbed wired formed into 100 to
represent the family ranch, a 100 watt bulb, a computer generated 100 yd
football field drawing, etc)  I give two grades for this, one for creativity
of object and one for presentation.
13. listen to 100 minutes of music
14. walk 100 yards with the entire class
15. put up 100 lights (Christmas type)
16. Using the local paper, buy 100 of the same thing.  Spend as little as
17. What is the weight of 100 fifth graders?
18. How high is a stack of 100 pennies, dimes, nickels, dollar bills?
19.use 100 for a transformation
20. at 1:00 the entire school sang a song about 100 days ( tune of I've been
working on the railroad)
21. read 100 pages
22. draw a line 100  ( cm, in, ft, m, yd etc. ) long   Outside on playground
if not snow covered!

Thanks to everyone who sent in ideas.  Especially the one about Babe Ruth's
100th birthday.  It was the exact day for us!!

If anyone wants the words to the song, I'll be happy to send them.

     | Cynthia Baumann  |    cynthiab@bigsky.dillon.mt.us
      |  Lewistown, MT  |
       \   406  538-2639|    Those who can, teach.  Those
         |   ___________|    who can't, do something far
          \__|                               less important. -Shirley Frye


Patricia A. Weeg
author: Kids@work: Math in the Cyberzone
The Global Classroom
updated January 20, 1999